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PDX Viewer 1.8
Viewer for PDX packages
JInto 0.12.0 and 0.13.5
Plugin for Eclipse
Pedeto 1.0.1
Perl IDE for eclipse
Dico 1.0
Display database-schema
Overview Dico JInto PDX Viewer Pedeto Freeware
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TreeView for Linux
Version 1.0Beta2
TreeView for Windows
Version 1.0Beta4
Linux, Windows TreeView is a tool to display hierarchical structures in HTML. It produces output similar to the tree view in Windows Explorer.

TreeView produces pure HTML-Code, it doesn't require any Java-Applets.

21 kB (Linux)
25 kB (Win32)
DLLs Windows These DLL files (msvcrt.dll und mfc42.dll) are needed for the Windows version of TreeView. Most users will already have these files installed, so usually, there is no need to download these files. 579 kB
Windows, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Creates an API-documentation using special comment blocks in VB source code. Inspired by (but by no means equally powerful as) Javadoc. 1,6 MB
VRML-Tutorial (zip)
VRML-Tutorial (tgz)
Any Quick introduction to generation virtual world using VRML. (in German only).


290 kB / 243 kB
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