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JInto 0.13.5 and 0.14.9

JInto is a plugin for Eclipse that lets the developer easily edit and maintain resource bundles (files that hold the localized strings for an application)


  • Parallel editing of all language versions (side by side)
  • Code Assist (AutoCompletion for keys and QuickAssist for adding new keys on the fly)
  • Warnings, when no text has been provided for a specific key
  • Warnings, when the text for one key is identical for different languages
  • Warnings, when the text for all languages of two different keys is identical
  • Locate unused strings
  • Locate strings that are referenced, but not actually defined in the resource bundle
  • Locate references of a specific key
  • Search function for the resource bundle
  • Simple adding of new languages to a resource bundle

Note: JInto does not support comments in .properties files (they are ignored when the files are read, and are not written to the files when the files are saved). If you require support of comments in .properties files, JInto is not for you.


JInto is published under the Eclipse Public License (the same licence as Eclipse itself) - further information on the EPL can be found on the Eclipse homepage


JInto 0.13.5 ZIP archive (for Eclipse 3.5.x)
JInto 0.14.9 ZIP archive (for Eclipse 4.x)
JInto getting started guide

JInto can also be installed by using the install functionality integrated in Eclipse - the URL for this is


The list of changes between the releases of JInto can be found in the changelog.

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