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PDX Viewer 1.8
Viewer for PDX packages
JInto 0.13.5 and 0.14.9
Plugin for Eclipse
Overview JInto PDX Viewer
PDX Viewer 1.8

PDX Viewer is a tool for displaying PDX packages that comply to the PDX standard by IPC. It can be used to display the structure of PDX package contents, and to extract or view attachments residing in the PDX package.


  • Structured display of the contents of a PDX package
  • Search functionality
  • Configurable export of AML and BOM informationfor XLS or CSV files
  • Direct viewing of the documents contained in the package
  • Integrity check
  • Extract all documents at once
  • Visual representation of Markups in Changes
  • Diff feature to compare two PDX files
  • Available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X


Single user licence 49.00 € (58.31 €)1 order
5 User licence 199.00 € (236.81 €)1 order
10 User licence 299.00 € (355.81 €)1 order
20 User licence 499.00 € (593.81 €)1 order
50 User licence 999.00 € (1188.81 €)1 order
Site licence 1499.00 € (1783.81 €)1 order

1: Including 19% VAT for residents of the EU without VAT ID

Free evaluation version:

Get a free evaluation licence, that lets you test PDX Viewer for 30 days.


From time to time we release new versions of PDX Viewer. The two-digit version numbering system we use (eg 1.5) reflects the types of release we make:

  1. major version: significant changes to the user interface
  2. minor version: bug fixes and minor feature enhancements

Licences are valid for all minor versions of a major version (eg if you first bought your licence for version 1.0, the licence will remain valid for releases 1.1, 1.2 and so on).

If a new major version is released within 90 days of your purchase of a licence you will be entitled to have that licence upgraded to the new version at no cost.

Download the latest version (1.8 Build 111):

PDX Viewer 1.8 for Windows
PDX Viewer 1.8 for Linux (Installer)
PDX Viewer 1.8 for Mac OS X

Questions about the order process: Please note that the order process is provided by our partner share-it!. In case you have any questions regarding your purchase, please check the customer care center.

If you cannot find the answer to your question regarding the purchase process in the customer care center, please send an email to support@shareit.com


The list of changes between the releases of PDX Viewer can be found in the changelog.

Package view
Markup view
Integrity check
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