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As a matter of principle, for implementing a project, we use the technology the customer asks for; if the customer has no preference, we use the technology that will integrate seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure and that is best suited for the problem at hand. Whether you are looking for a solution in C, C++, Perl, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft VisualBasic or Java (J2SE or J2EE), we are a competent partner for you.

When it comes to the database server to be used, we again won't dictate what you should use. Especially with Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, we have lots of experience - also with distributed solutions.

The choice of technology to be used limits the plattforms that can be used. Our solutions are currently used on various versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux and HP/UX.

We are always open for something promising and new - but we also never forget the benefits of proven technologies.

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