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History of G & H Softwareentwicklung GmbH
August 1998Dirk Gfrörer and Martin Hejl founded the G & H Softwareentwicklung GmbH in Horb am Neckar.
December 2000Our office space started to be too small. To have room for further growth, we moved into our new office.

Our philosophy

  • The customer and his needs have to be the basis for everything that is done. Software products are specifically tailored to his needs; no "one size fits all". But this does not mean we cannot use existing, proven technology and components.
  • A detailed specification is a must. Continuous communication with the customer keeps the customer informed about the current status of the project. This way, delays or end results that don't fit the customer's needs can be prevented, and changes in the customer's environment can be taken into account.
  • Developing good software solutions not only includes developing a stable and efficient application, but also to supply detailed and easy-to-understand documentation. On top of that, users and support-personell need to receive training.
  • After the project is completed, we of course still are there for our customers, if they need assistance in any way.
  • Our employees are our main asset. Continuous training and a good working atmosphere are essential prerequisites for developing exceptional software products.
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