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Founded over ten years ago, G&H Softwareentwicklung GmbH is successfully creating customer specific software solutions. We are your partner from the requirements analysis, the planning process and implementation to handing over the completed solution to your users and support-personell. If you wish, our own support staff can provide support-services to your users after the project has been completed.

Especially during the planning and implementation phase, we emphasize a close contact with our customers, to be able to discover problems as soon as possible and to successfully solve them together with the customer. Here we benefit from more than six years of experience in providing software solutions for the medical field, where highest standards for functionality and reliability have to be met. Apart from that, the use of existing standard components helps us even for very individual projects to provide a prototype quickly. Using modern automated software-tests ensures that even the prototypes already have a high level of stability.

In the past, we have implemented several data-migration projects and solutions for production and data-management. We implemented a shop-floor solution that is being used worldwide with more than one hundred simultaneous users per site, and that meets the strict requirements of the FDA. Furthermore we were part of the team that implemented a PLM solution, that is used at different sites across the globe and that distinguishes itself by the use of distributed application- and database-servers

Both solutions integrate seamlessly into the existing SAP environment.

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