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Pedeto 1.0.2

Pedeto is a plugin for Eclipse that provides a fully featured IDE for Perl.


  • General
    • Fully integrated into Eclipse
    • Support for multiple Perl installations
    • Wizards for creating new scripts and modules
  • Editor
    • Content assist
    • Background syntax checking
    • Annotations, showing errors and warnings
    • Code folding
    • Incremental build
    • Customizable syntax highlighting
    • Advanced navigation features (CTRL+click)
    • Tooltip help (see pod documentation of commands/methods by hovering with the mouse over the command)
    • Outline view of the currently edited file
    • Support for Tasks (TODO, FIXME)
    • Auto indentation
    • Automatic insertion of closing brackets, pattern delimiters, quotes
    • Display pod comment when content assist window is shown (if available)
  • Debugger
    • Breakpoints
    • Watches
    • Stepping (next, into, over, return)
    • Automatic display of variables
  • Source code control
    • Every SCM system supported by Eclipse can be used
  • Project management
    • Work with any number of projects (which can also depend on eachother)
    • Projects in the workspace can be closed, if they are currently not being worked on
  • Supported platforms
    • Windows 7 or newer
    • Linux


Single user licence 199.00 € (236.81 €)1 order
5 User licence 799.00 € (950.81 €)1 order
10 User licence 1199.00 € (1426.81 €)1 order
20 User licence 1999.00 € (2378.81 €)1 order
50 User licence 3999.00 € (4758.81 €)1 order
Site licence 5999.00 € (7138.81 €)1 order

1: Including 19% VAT for residents of the EU without VAT ID

Free evaluation version:

Get a free evaluation licence, that lets you test Pedeto for 30 days.


From time to time we release new versions of Pedeto. The three-digit version numbering system we use (eg 1.1.0) reflects the types of release we make:

  1. major version: significant changes to the user interface
  2. minor version: bug fixes and minor feature enhancements
  3. build: bug fixes

Licences are valid for all minor versions/builds of a major version (eg if you first bought your licence for version 1.0.0, the licence will remain valid for releases 1.1.0, 1.2.1 and so on).

If a new major version is released within 90 days of your purchase of a licence you will be entitled to have that licence upgraded to the new version at no cost.


The preferred way of installing Pedeto is to use the Install/Update functionality integrated in Eclipse. The URL to use in the Install/Update manager is http://www.guh-software.de/eclipse/

If you cannot use the Install/Update manager, you can download pedeto as a ZIP archive:
Pedeto 1.0.2 ZIP archive (for Windows)
Pedeto 1.0.2 ZIP archive (for Linux)
Pedeto 1.0.2 ZIP archive (for Linux x86-64)

Questions about the order process: Please note that the order process is provided by our partner share-it!. In case you have any questions regarding your purchase, please check the customer care center.

If you cannot find the answer to your question regarding the purchase process in the customer care center, please send an email to support@shareit.com


Pedeto comes with a full set of documentation which integrates itself into the Eclipse Help. Additionally, we offer a Getting Started Guide in PDF format.

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